Verd is the very embodiment of megalomania, arrogance and wrath. The man is a ruthless, fierce and unyielding force, masterfully deployed by the Inquisition to ensure results when conducting special operations involved in dealing with unlawful political conduct and militant uprising or opposition.

As any Azurite, Verd's mouth matches the size of his presence. Albeit suffering from some pertinent anger issues -a characteristic which fuels him in all matter of life- the man will quickly stomp any verbal opposition through the use of militant rhetoric, overwhelming propaganda and continuous reminders of duty, tradition and power.

Verd is a man who has little time for play, as his job constantly plays a part in every aspect of his life. He is an enforcer wherever he is. Borrowing those books for too long? Verd will find you and see them forcefully returned. Causing a ruckus or heated debate over a lost slam poetry duel? Verd will silence you and forcefully have you admit a graceful defeat. The slightest step out of line will grant you his attention. Despite serving as a formidable tool in the unforgiving iron fist foreign policies, his militant junta approach to order and peace is in stark contrast to the policies of the newly appointed Arché, which is cause for both controversy and tension.