The Septenarius Disciples, or just the Septenary, is one of the oldest still-living cults of the black-robed obsidianites. It's a spiritual movement that worships the original founders of the Citadel, the Seven Sorcerers, and attributes various elements of the world to their specific characteristics. According to the Disciples, the paragons weren't merely great magi whom laid the foundation of today's mana-practice; but they're almost considered the mythical reincarnations of the Stellaeri, of magic, that brought the occult mysteries to human kind.

The Seven Secrets Edit

The Septenary are primarily concerned with the Seven Secrets, believed to be the great questions that - once answered - is to unlock the true potential of the Stellaeri; birthing far greater practicioners of its wonders. Each Secret was ordained by each founder, although due its location, the Disciples have a tendency to count Atra - their own beginning - as the primary one.

The Secrets are as follows:

Atra of the Torn Cloak #1 Edit

"Oh magic, behold its veil."

Believed to refer to the illusion of magic potential, that no thing is truly real, and no thing truly unreal.

Ade of the Scales #2 Edit

"Oh magic, behold its colour."

Believed to refer to the majesty of magic, the beauty of its execution.

Alba of the Bone #3 Edit

"To never walk alone, on path of jagged stone."

Believed to refer to loyalty among magi, despite the harsh conditions.

Azyn of the Storm #4 Edit

"No power onto man that cannot be held in hand."

Believed to refer to the importance of control when using magic, and the possibility to achieve perfect such.

Acre of the Forge #5 Edit

"Tear it asunder!"

Believed to refer to the pure stream of magic, and to let it tear you apart (The Tearing) if it must.

Aurea of the Clock #6 Edit


Believed to refer to that no magic should ever be relinquished.

Argen the Uncrowned #7 Edit


Believed to refer to that all magic should always be relinquished.

Current practice Edit

The Disciples current Grand Maester is the Obsidian Arche himself; holder of many titles, he's known as a charismatic and easy-going persona in his Tower - but outside, his fame is miniscule. He and his followers, who are by nature all Diciples, are considered unimportant political players; and to this date, the Septenary has never been known to engage in battle.

Instead they are often spotted, these days, on social gatherings. They'll feast, drink and get violently intoxicated on the newest fashion, drug or bodily pleasure; in the way of obsidianites performing bacchanal rites in an all-together theatrical fashion. They're notoriously loyal, however, and it's said that the Diciples are the extension of Atra's cloak; the watchers of his Tower, ensuring none walks past their ever-shifting mirrored hallways.