As the eldest and only child of the well respected, powerful and profusely influential Vermillion house, the Madani's, Sargon has always had to work just as hard as everyone else not born into privledge, perhaps even harder, the view that his Mother had and the whole Tower had forced him to strive for excellence above all else. 

And for a time he achieved it, he reached that point in which people looked at him with jealousy and respect, a position of power despite the scrutiny that a man of his social standing faces when trying to get there. He was given a command position within the Vermillion army, his determination and resolve having been taken note of by the higher-ups and so he was given a chance to show his worth. Told to put together a small, semi-elite force of fighters, Sargon did just that as he hand-picked from amongst his comrades and formed The Salamanders who quickly became a force to be reckoned with, their defeats few and far between and their victories all massacres. Sargon's name, the Madani name, grew even more renown due to his actions and those of his elite mages, his position amongst the ranks of the Vermillion army getting higher with each substantial victory.

Of course things changed entirely when he met Ophelia purely by chance, her beauty and magic taking hold of his body and mind without any hope of the strong-willed, stubborn warrior escaping from those clutches. The Empress tasked him with watching Ophelia, this odd construct from a nearly forgotten time... although his infatuation for the woman quickly drove him to do things that he never would have before all whilst he justified his actions by convincing himself that he was merely following the orders of the Great Phoenix Empress. She was not pleased once she found out, of course, and Sargon was reprimanded for his foolishness, whipped and stripped of much of the respect that he had gained over the years. Shattered and entirely lost the Salamander did what he had done for months and found solace in the embrace of Ophelia whom some might argue should've warranted his true rage.. but she did not, no. Those that had ordered him to be whipped, those that he believed had wronged him, they were the targets of his anger, the fire that burnt wildly within his soul.And so Sargon left, vowing revenge. He disappeared from the Vermillion military, from The Salamanders and most importantly he tarnished the Madani name greatly with his sudden unknown where-abouts.

These days he can be seen almost solely by Ophelia's side, or out doing her whim, the rage that burns within him having fallen to just an ember, but those that wronged him shall never be forgotten. He will see them burn and there is nothing that will change that.