I’m just going to start with it. Rhys is a bit of a bitch. The nature of his arcana means he comes across as cold and sometimes cruel, but he is a deeply emotional person with a deep respect for the other mages he meets (not that he’d ever admit it!). To say the least, if Rhys is telling you to kiss his ass – he likes you. He is deeply protective and supportive of his friends, though few.

Rhys Caine is from the Obsidian Tower. He lost his family at a young age and was raised and taught by his Magus. Not much is known about Rhys. Those who know of him from his home would talk of his songs and singing voice from when he was in his early teens. But in his later years he began to distance himself from everyone. He vanished completely for a year after his Magnus passed away. When he returned, he seemed an entirely new person. The warmth and the music all gone.

Nowadays, he can be found in the pits, beating his fellow mages bloody. Where he goes when he is not in the Pit is a mystery to many.