Often seen playing in the Pit, Myrion is a known bard and musical talent in most establishments where he'll get a decent tip. He's considered chatty and friendly, if not very forthcoming. Knows almost anyone who's anything, so it's a well-known fact that if you want your party to have a sizeable amount of guests, you should invite the Symphonia Magus.

Appearance Edit

Myrion doesn't look quite as #white was his avatar might want you to think. Aside from that, he has rather sharp features, cheekbones you can cut yourself on, and is more limb and elbow than he is anything else. He's extremely tall, not just for an Azurite but for a Citadellian in general; bordering on gaunt rather than lanky. He carries himself with a lot of flair, and smiles a fair deal. His clothes very according to the occasion, but if given the choice, he seems to like red and armoured details.

Magic Edit

Myrion was raised by two Symphonia Magi, from whom he has recieved his last name. He's now technically a Magus, and has registered to accept any neophytes willing to learn his arcana: Minor Musician's Arcana.

Being well over 50, his skill in the field has been less about innate talent and more about many, many years of practice. He can use it bot defense- and offensively, considering his time serving as an Inquisitor, but prefers to perform with it.

Myrion is also one of the few registered Raw Casting seers in the Citadel, but this is not something he likes to talk about a lot. This is believed, after extensive studies and investigations a few years back in the Silentium Medicae, to be a result of his, well. Yes, there was that little fact: He's also an undead. At an even 100, he went through his Tearing; but he was also ressurrected, by a Necromancer. He's one of the few cases known to retain his mind and faculties, and the only known side-effect is the premonitions and visions.

History Edit

Eri gonna write this eventually, she promises.

Goal Edit

Make good music, see new things, live a good life, find a peaceful death.

Reputation Edit

Feel free to write shit up!