Effect Edit

Predicting the future, with varying degrees of accuracy. By asking the cards a question, it's believed that the talented reader should be able to divine an answer. But aside from divination, it's also known to give personal advice on how to check yourself in life.

Origins Edit

Created by one of the very first Obsidian Arché's, it used to hold tremendous respect. But there was a break in the line of Magi who taught it, and once it was re-kindled again by some young enthusiasts, most of its secrets - especially those related to the Heart Arcana, and reading the heart of the person asking the deck - had been lost to forgetfulness.

Usage Edit

Prophets and scry-mages employ it most, but those who practice it today are mostly young and not fully taught. It's a quietly popular sub-group of magic, and it attracts youth of every Tower.

Player tip Edit

Just use a Tarot deck! There are some in-client, and some online, if you don't have your own. It can be a fun element of the RP, to lay tarot-spreads and then pretend it holds weight ingame.

Use it to further plot! Ask the opposite player what kind of future they have imagined for the one doing the query to the prophet/scry-mage, so that you can help enforce it.

Don't force characters into fates or destinies the player doesn't want.