While the Arcana holds a lot of prestige, especially among the more traditionalist and patriotic azurites, it's also notoriously difficult to control. It's been associated with leaders of power, particularily in times of war. While it's said that no one has managed to summon the same amount of destructive power as Azyn once did, it's still a powerful tool in laying waste to your enemies - but can, as proven by the tenth Azure Archmage - also turn on the mage himself; oftentimes leading to a spontaneous Tearing right there and then.

It's said that the chaotic mindset that one has to adapt in order to bring forth the hurricanes and gales, is simply so fundamentally against the azurite principle of control that it's also incredibly difficult to learn. Only a select few still teach it, and then with little hope of their students actually mastering it. 

Many a brave azurite neophyte have tried their hands on the legendary Arcana at least once; and just as many have failed.

Effect Edit

The Storm Summon contains only one spell, and only one effect - the materialization of a violent, raging tempest that bends to the mage's destructive will.

Origins Edit

Crafted from the hands of Azyn himself, this ancient Arcana traces its heritage back to the destruction of the Silver Tower. It's said its secrets were whispered to him by the titan Nord, and that the monster's chaotic, primal nature was what he tailored it after.

Usage Edit

The Storm Summon Arcana is a spellfighter Arcana, but is not something your every-day soldier can master. Rather, it's the work of Lord Inquisitors and Azure Archés.

Player tip Edit

Not something commonly granted to any newbie player!