A masterful result of Inter-Tower co-operation and great scholastic effort. Minor Prosthetics Assembly Arcana was born out of shared passion for abolishing limitations, that missing a limb or few could present to a mage in day to day life.

Naldo Darin, a forward thinking ivorem doctor, dissatisfied with the practice of Minor Regrowth Arcana to heal severed bodyparts as an exceedingly slow, wasteful and most of all painful process, found an unlikely lifetime friend in Fay Moody, a gilderess staying at Silentium Medicae during time of peace between factions, studying the secrets of the magi anatomy held by the Ivory Tower denizens in order to learn through her own experiments to create humanoid constructs.

Inspired by the healer towards something more noble, Fay forgot about her ambition and aimed for a new one; building constructs that mimic individual limbs and other body parts, that are fast and relatively safe to replace missing ones. For this feat they needed the expertise from both of their respective fields, and combine them into something that had never been seen before, something some people might have even thought impossible - a collaboration of Major Construct and Birth Arcanas to design mechanical prosthetics with arcane properties, that made it possible for them to move as though they were a natural extension of one's body, although somewhat clunkier in shape and texture.