Only a few bloodlines has knowledge of the Minor Golem's Pulse Arcana. It is thus currently a very uncommon Arcana to practice and therefore more so to observe. Any accompanying glory and titles which once followed the mastering of said Arcana has been lost with time. The difficulty to both master, and the mindset it requires puts most neophytes who encounters it off from pursuing it, as it is less favored to its more offensive counterparts.

Due to its wide array of combat applications and origin, the Arcana is extremely rare to be observed wielded by any individual hailing from a bloodline outside of the Vermillion Tower. Its uncommon nature is not proportional to its effectiveness. A master of the Arcana can easily combat mighty constructs and take on several dozen of armed men.

Origin Edit

The origin of the Golem's Pulse Arcana is believed to have its roots among the royal guards devoted to serve and protect the Vermillion Arche. Whether it was developed by a single individual or through a combined effort of several men is unknown. The Arcana originally made the users into staggering, immobile sentinels. With time, knowledge and need for urgency, the Arcana developed to allow for more mobility, increased defense against steel and magi, and offensive capabilities.

The Arcana has now become a thing for the history books, with expendable constructs taking the roles of the old sentinel vanguard of the royals.

Effect Edit

Upon taking its effect, the user is encased in a swirl of flying minerals. Dust, sand, rocks etc., clings to the user's body to form a magical armor. The skill level of the user determines the quality of the Arcana. A proficient user can form the casing by will, strengthen vital areas, alter the shape, decide the flow of the material. A less proficient user is more likely to create a brittle, jagged and uneven layers of protection.