Though this spell is classed as medium difficulty in the Ivory tower, this is only in regards to the actual application of the magic itself. The harder and more time consuming task lies in the need for the mage doing the casting to learn in depth about the human body and what holds it together.

It should also be noted that the more serious the wound the more time it will take the mage to heal. The more time it takes the more it takes from the mage themselves, Often larger surgeries will be done in stages to prevent problems with fatigue.

Origin Edit

Created by the well respected Ivorum Saul Alanis. One of the many ways in which gaping wounds, puncture wounds, and other major injuries to the flesh can be closed and repaired. Saul was a great lover of simplicity in all things, he didn't agree with ways of casting that wasted energy in what he called “needless theatrics” and so he set to work in creating a method of stitching together bodies that had been torn asunder without having to “needlessly throw your arms around.”

Effect Edit

This spell is used mostly for healing physical wounds to the body. It can be used to regrow skin, close deep wounds and if the Mage is skilled enough reattach limbs. This process is very painful for the patient as their body s forced to grow new tissue withing minuets. The mage often suffers from rapid eye movement thanks to the visualisation method used to cast.