Invented among the copper millers and handymen of the Golden Tower, this Arcana is considered a staple in the basic education of many artificers, golemancers, repairmen and gilders in general.

Origin Edit

Its uncertain who actually came up with the Arcana in the first place. Every guild of a certain construction discipline will claim one of their founders as the inventor, but all proof seem equally valid. Some would propose that it was in fact created by ALL of them, since the spell can affect literally any type of machinery or tool, but those people are promptly talked down to.

Effect Edit

The basic principle of this Arcana is very simple; it lets you change one form of tool/machinery into another, usually temporarily. You might find yourself in need of a drill, but only have your pneumatic hammer at hand; no problem! It is now a drill! This has its limitations of course, changing one thing into something way too far from its original purpose will wear and tear at it immensely, and some transmutations are next to impossible. It all depends on A) The base tool/machine and B) the users familiarity with that said tool AND with the tool it is meant to become. Most practitioners have a few transmutations they have mastered intimately, specializing in what they might need for their daily work. Certain savvy and experienced artificers will take to carrying an "Omnitool" or "Gearbox" with them, an amorphous mass of machine parts that is built for optimal flexibility in use with this Arcana.