Among those in the business, it's thought the ultimate crown of one's career to have mastered this Arcana. In other circles, it's considered somewhat of an amusing little tale.

Origins Edit

In ye olden times, at the very beginning of the classic establishment The Fuchsia Curtain, the veiled, aromatic club became known for one thing: the ecstatic euphoria that could be had at hands of its owner, the Peacock. Veiled in mystery and much wanton, the Major Arcana is said to only have been taught to his most skilled Paradise Birds and remains something of a tantalizing myth.

Effect Edit

Divine pleasure, so to speak. Once you've learned to invoke it, it can be applied at will, both to yourself and others as you massage the oil onto your skin. The oil can also be used to woo others and draw them to you, as if they can smell the promise of an unforgettable night on your skin.