Lynn Nerita is the granddaughter of Nerissa Ner, the head of the Ner family. After allegations toward her mother to be a Vermillion spy took her away from her, Lynn became impossible for the family to control, and in turn to raise, in hopes for her to become the heir of the family.

With time her stern upbringing and maternal loss, lead to the exploration of her highly latent and destructive capabilities. She was thus held, against her will, in the family library until she could contain and control it. The amount of damage the library took has been held off the record. The ruination of countless books is not exactly smiled upon in said tower.

Being locked up in a library yielded its rewards, as Lynn is a very knowledgeable young lady due to an extensive amount of reading and research, though on the order of her grandmother she is to become a scribe. She is said to have the pragmatic brain of an Azurite, but the passionate heart of a Vermillion (especially for their men).