Three years ago, before the War of Suites, the Azure Inquisition of Query was the Citadel-wide institution for law enforcement. These days, every Tower has their own army and their own police force - but they are usually based off of the Inquisition, and have previously been it’s branches in each individual Tower. Cooperation, after a literal war between factions, is today none-existent.

With that said, law is very similar in each Tower. Currently, each Tower is trying to find its own identity and the things they consider important. For example, law-lingo has always been genderless - since it originated from the Azure Tower - but the Ivory and Vermillion Tower are today considering adding male or female specific laws into their own law books.

The different institutions for law enforcement is:

  • The Azure Inquisition of Query (Azure Tower)
  • The Iron Gauntlet (Vermillion Tower)
  • The Auratas Constabulariam (Golden Tower)
  • The Justicar Bureau (Ivory Tower)
  • The Septenary Council (Obsidian Tower)