A daughter of a rather succesful prosthetics maker, famous for his innovations in that particular niché market. Melthor Mearrh and his late wife never let their only child be without material comfort through her formative years and beyond.

Originally her father, her magus, taught her his magic practices, as well as the very traditional gilder values of hard work and patience as means to success in magical pursues, and life in general.

This attempt to prime her into an inheritor of the Mearrh's Marvels prosthetics workshop eventually backfired, when the young woman full of dreams and hopes decided, that continuing her father's work wasn't her own wish.

After an elongated and stubborn battle of wills the defeated and proud father, as a compromise once Hagine mastered her magic, used his connections to land her work as an employee of the Golden Arché herself. Because only the best is good enough for daddy's golden girl. Time passed and somehow the young woman secured a position as Anna-Bella's Personal Assistant. The details of how it happened exactly remain confidential.

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