Este's just a guy. A bro kind of guy. A sit down and chill, no-homo kind of guy. Sometimes laid back, and sometimes stressed out of his wits, he's nevertheless a faithful part of the Disciples. His default mode seems to include smoking his breath away, checking in with his people, and being the Obsidian Arché's right hand man.

Once upon a time, he wasn't so focused and driven. He lead an aimless past as a circus kid, a performer in illussionism and light shows that earned the alias The Smoke Magician. But those were the rebellious days. The days of never being able to tell the time, and forgetting conversations in the haze of a hangover. That is, until Luc introduced him to the Faith of the Seven, and made a loyal convert of a lost boy.

Nowadays, Este would give up his pasta for the guy. And his life for every other lost kid that found a place of belonging under the Faith. He's often seen taking care of the Familia under the guise of 'hanging out', and fretting over those that are too keen on getting themselves hurt. His tower-famous Black Stars herbal joints do help this or that brother relax magnificently. If by brothers we mean mostly himself.