Known for being one of the most chillaxed members of the Obsidian tower, Diego was never far from the party with some good smokes and a bottle of great booze. During the Tower Lockdown however things started to shift and change.

Trying to keep the peace between the opposing sides of the lockdown D found himself on the end of a fair few fights when people didn't talk threw there problems.and his popularity among bro's plummeted.

After the Lockdown D seemed to go into a state of decline, smoking and drinking himself into a stupor. After a fight in the Pit with Este, a bro he defended during the lockdown, D vanished from the Tower without a trace.

Now 3 months later D is back, he's gained a few scars, a good number of Tattoo's and just smiles when people ask him where he's been.

SInce his return to his tower he seems to be a lot more like his old self, mellowed out, happy to share and beer and a smoke and maybe something a little stronger. He has fallen back into his more art and is now hardly ever seen without his sketchbook and at least a pencil.