The Blackthorn Family are known well for their very expensive bespoke constructs, a business that was formed by Anna-Bella's grandmother and Magus Bellatric Blackthorne, a Copper Coble girl that married her way into the Golden Gentry. Due to her upbringing, Anna-Bella gained the work ethic of the Copper Cobble as well as their straight forward way of thinking as well as the high born manners of a Lady.

Now in the highest rank in the tower she wields the powers of her duel heritage to the best of both of their abilities. While keeping the Golden Gentry happy she also takes the time to make sure the Cobble have their say. It is her ultimate goal to bridge the unspoken class divide all together, as she thinks that a tower internally divided can never be great.

She had been married a grand total of seven times, and the rumour mill would have everyone believe that these men all met an untimely end, this is in fact an exaggeration, only three of her husbands died, the other four are very much alive, divorced and a lot less well off than they where before the marriage.