The visage of elegant confidence, Ange is the kind of man that dips his fingers in arrogance unapologetically. A natural narcissist, he does, to his credit, make up for it by turning the spotlight toward others. He possesses a natural interest for what people have to say, and what they want. If this is a strategy for a different agenda, he leaves the question in the air with a smile. Given his long service of the Azure Tower, however, he seems fond of his people.

As an Arché, Ange is often seen walking around the Tower, either by his lonesome or in company in order to chat with citizens, check in with those directly affected by the War of Suites, or plain have a nice down time. Despite the apparent leisure, he does more work than he does play (he would argue his work -is- play), as the new Arché has been involved in several public events and reform projects with haste.

In just two months he has commissioned a grand monument to honor those fallen in the war, and organized parties that directly benefit the mourning families. He has, additionally, scheduled events throughout the year to promote the Azurite voice, ranging from slam poetry duels, recital gatherings, debate battles and public scientific demonstrations. Sharp minds could note that simultaneously, the Inquisition's foreign policy seems clad in an unforgiving iron fist. While easing up on the rights of local civilians (and even empowering them!), his new policies seem biased against members of the former Red Suite, giving the Inquisition freedom of arrest and hassling for “suspicious behavior”.