Androcles of Silver is a peculiar, multi-faceted character. On one side he is your typical Obsidionite; a bro, a dude, a champ, etc. On another he is outspoken on both religious and political matters alike, either it be in a public and open format or in more closed and tighter circles. He is also your a-typical professor, so bring a pillow if you intend to attend his seminars.

Best known for his satirical plays, enabling both young and inexperienced to old and well shaped to live out their acting fantasies and dreams. He also perform rather peculiar puppet plays using magi. He also creates treasure hunts. Everyone loves treasure hunts.

But he is not to be underestimated as a mere Don with teaching and plays as singular passions. The man's propensity to spread coins is as big and indiscriminate as his propensity to spread lies and misinformation, often for reasons moot to him. His characteristics most likely served as contributing factors to the nickname of the Silver Fox, a satirical twist on the rumored Phantom Fox, a mystical figure which haunts the deep levels of the Obsidian Tower, which in the same fashion has been known to award unsuspecting but adventurous Annas and Dons with treasures.