Aidan Rais has been a Justicar of the Seventh Ward of the Citadel for 12 years. A denizen of the Ivory Tower, he has many of the traits of the Ivorem. Aidan has a taciturn approach to magic, and has pursued the art of Daemonology to be better warded against those who summon the powers of the occult. His use of Thaumatergy is simply useful in his pursuit of justice, a means to an end. He does no care for gross displays of magic or the sloppy use of it. Aidan's enforcement of the laws against magical misuse has spanned a 20 year career. Aidan has such dedication due to his family being killed by a rogue daemonologist's summoning to erase his kin from a list of obstacles for their own ambition. As an Orphan he was raised literally by the Ivorem. Aidan's pursuit of justice and the magical arts has led him to have a stunted social life outside his occupation; this is something that has come more to his attention in recently.

In Aidan's life he has felt he has plateaued, if his family was living and not dead, his lineage would likely have elevated him more in society, but he had worked for everything he has, almost fanatically. It is said the Ivory council has not seen his efforts go unnoticed.